Thursday, October 29, 2009

Johnny Cash at The Pug

Hopefully all those caricature studies paid off. That and the hella expensive year of art school. According to Mr. Mahler, this should appear in the Pug's window, a local watering hole of the DC variety, as part of a bar crawl. The theme was dead people and I got Johnny Cash. You can't beat that.


Jason said...

Nice inks!

not sure of the likeness, it's a nice drawing though. One thing I think I would do for a Johnny Cash drawing would be to make him dressed all in black... hence his nickname: the man in black.

anywho, cheers!

Corby said...

i wondered why he always dressed in black...

i agree about the likeness. i didn't want to do a caricature that was obviously lifted from a featured photograph, so something was lost in translation. bigger eyes would've helped.


SJO said...

It is nice to see your your work on display