Friday, April 3, 2009

Taxes taxes taxes

Granted I would be more stressed if I had done these by hand but I need to give a big middle finger to TaxCut. One, part of your instructions for doing taxes with ease should NOT be "override the software." Two, the instructions on how to perform said task should not be listed only on one screen that I have to navigate a freakin maze back to every time. Three, do no list your overpriced software with the bonus of free e-filing when it really only applies to the Federal Return. Yes, that was lovely when I finally got to the end to see that you highly recommend I file both my state and federal return online and it would only cost me an additional $20 to do so. Blargh!

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SJO said...

the state tax only takes a few minutes to do by hand, once you finish the federal. I can show you how if you would like
I agree with the push to pay extra for the state or to upgrade.

Tax Cut Bonus: we get an extra drawing. See you Friday at the show....or dinner with us before the show?