Monday, November 3, 2008

Empire - Final and Rough

This is the rough I did in Photoshop for the Empire State Building project. It was originally going to have figures in the foreground when this was going to be an attempt at a Dave McKean style. But the style that came out of it would've made the figures too much like clip art. So I scrapped them.

And the final illustration. It was cropped to 11x17 and windows were added to the buildings in the foreground.

If you've been paying attention to my past illustration projects, you can see how this caught some people off guard.

1 comment:

Pon said...

"Some of your windows are a bit large"

---Sorry, it's nothing personal, I just figured I should leave some horrible sort of legitimate remark here because by your definition I'm a horrible person.

That said, I still love this, I think I'm a bit thrown by the center buildings windows actually, they seem really bright compared to the other ones.