Sunday, May 4, 2008

Everyone's a Critic

A comic that I wish had bigger archives - Gtrood.

Is it me or are people starting to take reviews on a little too seriously? I personally like using the reviews as a good filtering system, but the sources are unreliable. I imagine that's why Amazon has the "Was this review helpful to you?" survey. And as a result, I'm now seeing reviews that encourage people to leave positive feedback. What is this? Can you gain credibility of I do know there is a link to see other things one particular person has reviewed. You can even create lists of recommendations for people under certain categories. But is there a prize to be won? Can people submit reviews and their stats from amazon when applying for an opening at the Star Tribune?

How many years experience?
I've been reviewing since I was 8.
You're hired!

Ah but listen to me, I'm just an aspiring cartoonist posting on his blog. By the way, if you like the comic, leave a note!


Jason said...


Badonkajohnks (aka Linda) said...

I think you need to be nicer.

meredith said...

critics are people too!

no, wait seriously. quit laughing.

Ben Jammin' said...

Guy I worked with at She's Happy He's Happy did the Amazon thing too. He took it very seriously and cranked out a 1000 word review of everything he read and watched. Pretty weird if you ask me.