Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary?

I can never get the timing right on these things, but Cold Ramen is over a year old. I think my first post on this thing was March 17th. Qwest is too slow for me to bother checking to be sure. But it's been a year. I've got over 150 posts to show for it. The blog was a big aide in showcasing my work when I was applying to MCAD, and since joining Facebook, has picked up a lot more traffic. #3 on Google and #1 in Anne Keasling's heart apparently. So a big Thank You to everyone for all your comments and emails and recommending Cold Ramen to others.

So, how shall we celebrate?


Mike said...


And I salute your posting frequency. This blogger finds it very impressive.

Jason said...

To think - you even made it easy on yourself - St. Patrick's Day - and still you could not think

Ben Jammin' said...

Just think what you will be churning out a year from now!