Friday, December 7, 2007

It's a sign.

A little something for my desk at work.

Edit: Okay, maybe this was a little inside. My boss called me into a conference room (because we all have cubicles) to discuss my training when she mentioned that there have been numerous complaints about my reading webcomics while at work. I pointed out that this is what I do on my lunch break, during which many people hover around my desk to give me stuff to do. So my boss suggested I display a sign while I'm at lunch so that there isn't any more confusion.


Scott Holland said...

another moment when you wonder what other people really are doing at work. complaining about others past times seems to do the trick!

Flamer said...

Did you get my e mail re cartoonist wanted? Sent to Yahoo addy

Ben Jammin said...

Ahh the cubicle farm. It's like 1984 only more boring.